How to grow your LEAFLING

Leafling Anleitung. Gießhilfe auf Falsche schrauben

Take out your LEAFLING from the cardboard package. Take the enclosed cap with the perforated holes – this is your watering aid. Screw the cap on any standard PET bottle (e.g. an old water bottle).

Leafling Anleitung. Gießen des Symbols

Put your LEAFLING in a plate or any other suitable container. Water your LEAFLING extensively until the pad is completely wet and soaked with water.

Now the seeds slightly turn bluish and start to swell a bit. Keep your LEAFLING constantly wet. Especially in the first days the seeds need enough water.

Leafling Anleitung. Samen beginnen zu keimen

After about 5-7 days the seeds will start to sprout – keep on watering. Your LEAFLING will develop more and more.

Leafling Anleitung. Ausgewachsenes Symbol aus grünen Pflanzen

Depending on the conditions, your LEAFLING will prosper for 3-4 weeks.

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