What is new about LEAFLING 2.0?

The new LEAFLING generation is an all-round revised product. Literally all-round, because the new LEAFLING is now round and therefore fits perfectly on a plate. The possibility to create completely individual designs is probably the greatest innovation. The new process generates designs on demand based on digital templates. This delivers a new dimension in terms of individualisation and flexibility of design.

It has become easier to handle. Now all you have to do is take the LEAFLING out of its eco-friendly packaging and water it using the enclosed watering device. The improved natural fleece ensures that your LEAFLING stays moist for longer, making it easier to care for.


All raw materials of the LEAFLING are sourced and processed in the EU. All the natural fibres come from France and are shaped in northern Germany. The seeds come from Austria, which is where production also takes place - in the middle of Vienna in fact. This ensures short transport routes and sustainability. The packaging is mostly made of paper/cardboard. The viewing panel is made of recycled plastic. Your LEAFLING is of course perfectly environmentally friendly and fully compostable.

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