How often should the LEAFLING be watered? 

Usually you should water your LEAFLING 2-3 times per day, so that the paper is kept moist but is not swimming in water. If the latter happens, it can lead to the formation of mould.

How long can a LEAFLING thrive? 

After approx. 7-10 days all the seeds have sprouted. After approx. 14 days, your LEAFLING has grown to full maturity. Depending on how it is cared for, the temperature, and the light conditions it has, your LEAFLING can thrive for up to 2 months.

What are ideal conditions for growth? 

An absolutely decisive factor is a constant level of moisture for the sprouting bed (paper). A warm location, not exposed to the wind and with a lot of light, is conducive to successful growth. (LEAFLING is intended to be an indoor product).

What should be done if my LEAFLING is not thriving at all? 

Should your LEAFLING simply not be thriving at all, please send us photos and briefly tell us about the problem. As it is a 100% natural product, no total guarantee can be provided. However, if it is probably a case of a defective product, the product will be replaced free of charge. Read more on this under: return policy

Are there also numbers in the assortment?

Yes there is a limited edition of numbers available. > request here

Can individual motifs be ordered?

No, that is not (yet) possible.

Where can I get LEAFLING?

In this shops
and of course in the online store